Priceless Jewels/Precious Gems is a comprehensive self empowerment course generated from my wonderful experiences fulfiling many roles: parent, spouse, mentor, educator, leader, and friend as well as operating in a variety of fields: educational, entrepreneurial, music, religious, and radio/TV.  It provides insightful information into the following areas: self improvement, personal development, relationships, spirituality, destiny, purpose, discipline, mindfulness, parenting, marriage, and much more.  Each module contains rich, philosophical nuggets of wisdom accompanied by a test and an answer key.  Included as a bonus is DaRil's two inspirational eBooks The Great Taste of Success and A Greater Taste of Success which contain a combined 100 dynamic proverbs.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Mankind's Mission

    • Mankind's Mission Module

    • Mankind's Mission Test

  • 2

    The Control Center

    • The Control Center Module

    • The Control Center Test

  • 3

    Seasoned Senses

    • Seasoned Senses Module

    • Seasoned Senses Test

  • 4

    Personal Programming

    • Personal Programming Module

    • Personal Programming Test

  • 5

    Writing Your Narrative

    • Writing Your Narrative Module

    • Writing Your Narrative Test

  • 6

    Presence & Presents

    • Presence & Presents Module

    • Presence & Presents Test

  • 7

    The Parent Profile

    • The Parent Profile Module

    • The Parent Profile Test

  • 8

    Marriage: Mystery, Mates, & Mastery

    • Marriage: Mystery, Mates, & Mastery Module

    • Marriage: Mystery, Mates, & Mastery Test

  • 9

    The Great Taste of Success

    • The Great Taste of Success eBook

  • 10

    A Greater Taste of Success

    • A Greater Taste of Success eBook

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About the instructor- Damon DaRil Nailer: Consultant (Life Coach), Motivational Speaker, Educator, & Author. Featured 180+ times in various media outlets, including The Huffington Post, Reader's Digest, Yahoo, Yahoo Finance, MSN, Newsbreak, Goalcast, Thrive Global, Redbook, & Authority Magazine, podcasts, radio shows, newspapers, and TV shows.