The G3 Journey

This dynamic instructional coaching program enables you to unchain your gift, gain some glamour, and obtain the gold. It's composed of 3 modules- discovery, matchmaking, and development. Also, included as a bonus are DaRil's 2 inspirational eBooks.


Priceless Jewels/Precious Gems

A comprehensive, powerfully insightful self improvement course which covers a variety of concepts- relationships, mindfulness, spirituality, marriage, parenting, etc. Photo by OJDO


The Divine Nine

This remarkable course thoroughly analyzes and provides in depth insight concerning the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit.


Excellence In Eschatology Basic

This is your basic EEC. This version will introduce you to a few awesome eschatological concepts. Included are 5 wonderful lessons/5 tests.


Excellence In Eschatology Intermediate

This version of the EEC is created for the individual who would like to learn more than just the basics of eschatology. It is composed of 10 great lessons/10 tests.


Excellence In Eschatology- Advanced

This version of the EEC is designed for the student who desires a substantial amount of revelation and insight into eschatology. This edition is composed of 20 lessons/20 tests and included as a bonus are DaRil's 2 inspirational eBooks.