The G3 Journey

Unchain your gift, gain some glamour, and obtain the gold!!!

The G3 Journey is a dynamic instructional coaching program derived from a detailed analysis of DaRil's diverse life experiences and lessons learned regarding gifts, talents, and destiny,  being presented in an interesting, thought-provoking, and educational manner.  It supplies extensive information regarding identifying your "dominant gift" and fulfilling your awesome destiny.  In addition, it provides specific, actionable steps enabling you to unchain your gift, gain some glamour, and obtain the gold.  It is composed of three modules: discovery, matchmaking, and development.  Each module contains profound facts, intriguing questions, and an answer key.  You are guaranteed to receive tremendous insight concerning your "dominant gift" and destiny from The G3 Journey.  Included as a bonus are DaRil's two inspirational eBooks- The Great Taste of Success and A Greater Taste of Success which are composed of proverbial statements coupled with insightful information that provide wisdom/insight concerning destiny, positive thinking, relationships, leadership, success, and much more.

Course Curriculum

The Great Taste of Success Inspirational eBook
A Greater Taste of Success Inspirational eBook

3 Modules and 2 Inspirational eBooks

5 PDFs

What others have been saying about this course: Impressive, powerful, professional, amazing, enlightening, and exceptional.

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About the instructor- Damon DaRil Nailer: Consultant (Life Coach), Motivational Speaker, Educator, & Author. Featured 100+ times on/in the following: print/online magazines (including The Huffington Post and Reader's Digest), podcasts, radio shows, newspapers, and TV shows.